Blood Omen Artifacts

Kain (vo): Reputed to have been ripped from the chest of the greatest vampire to have ever existed, Janos Audron, the Heart of Darkness restores vampiric unlife. Life is precious, Janos discovered - as it was torn throbbing and bleeding from his own body.

Kain (vo): These curious devices hurl bolts of whirling energy and eviscerate my human enemies by stripping ragged flesh from bloodstained bone.

Kain (vo): When conjured, the Energy Bank permits me access to mass amounts of magical energy for a brief period of time. However, when the moment passes, I will be drained of all magic, unable to cast even the simplest of spells.

Kain (vo): Should this object strike an enemy, rot and decay would instantly eat their flesh, and leave only a pool of blood and tissue. For a time after, the toxins are still active, and therefore lethal to the touch.

Kain (vo): At times, my magic extends into very exotic disciplines such as the manipulation of time. I am able to slow time down, so I can move about quick as a wolf, while all others move as though they were mired in mud!

Kain (vo): Of all the methods I employ, this is perhaps the cruelest, causing my victim's body to shrink on itself, crushing bones and rupturing organs ‘til the pressure inside burst the sac of fleshy skin, spraying its contents for all to see.

Kain (vo): A medley of death and evisceration. Let fate choose my enemy's demise.

Kain (vo): This cleanses my body of any dangerous poisons. Quite useful, with all the filth I find myself surrounded by.